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Why Mile-12 Group?

We are not just another “deal shop”. We are an entrepreneurially-minded yet deal-savvy group of investors and operators that is 100% committed to mobilizing both our capital and our technical know-how to achieving maximum success for small and medium-sized businesses. We strongly believe that uncompromising integrity, humility and transparency create successful partnerships and we act accordingly.


Having operated, expanded and/or exited over 500 private and public companies in the U.S. Middle Market, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that underlies our guiding principles to business operations:

  • Values-Driven: Preserving your company’s hard-earned reputation.

  • Results-Oriented: Optimizing your business’ long-term growth potential.

  • People-Centric: Ensuring stability for your employees, customers, and community.

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Private Equity

Strategic Buyer

Post-Transaction Commitment

Receive 100% of our time, energy and resources

Your business will be one of many in a large portfolio

Merge or integrate into a much larger operation by acquiror

Core Focus & Objectives

Build on your legacy & augment value through hands-on management

Cost cuts (e.g., employee lay-offs), incur debt, and position for quick flip

Possibly neglected as business is a lower priority than ParentCo (acquiror)


Committed, long-term capital (5 years+) from an experienced & well-funded group of investors

Timing pressure stemming from mandate to return capital

within 6 years

Overly dependent on ParentCo’s long-term funding profile & balance sheet strength

Ease of Transaction Process

1 to 3 months dealing with one counterparty

2 months to 1 year+ dealing with multiple layers of approval

2 months to 1 year+ dealing with several counterparties in a bureaucracy

Deal Terms

Flexible and tailored to seller’s needs

Rigid and structured solely to minimize risks and maximize PE investment return

Least flexible – must meet terms of ParentCo

Holding Time Horizon

5 years to Long-Term

3 – 5 years on Average

Undetermined and Varied



  • Industry growth underpinned by long-term secular macro tailwinds

  • Robust competitive landscape with low cyclicality/seasonality

  • Little to no dominant customer concentration in industry


  • Strong and diversified base of recurring revenue ($10MM+) and cash flow ($2MM+) annually

  • Competitive EBITDA and Cash Flow margins (15%+)

  • Proven track record of profitability and financial growth


  • Ideally levered to enterprise customers (i.e., B2B)

  • Low customer concentration

  • Owner is willing to sell and/or desires to transition out of a leadership role moving forward

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